I’m going to sound like the biggest grump in the universe, but this week in Essex has been too hot.  It’s coincided with baking a LOT of cakes too.  I’m not complaining about the orders (!), but standing in front of an oven in temperatures of 30 degrees hasn’t been 100% fun.  Am I allowed a “woe is me moment”?!

I’ve just finished baking the last order of the week which was a carrot wedding cake with cream cheese frosting.  I hope the bride-to-be enjoys it.  I’ve made a lot of carrot cake recently and it’s becoming one of my favourite bakes.

What’s been baking?

These include the wedding cake (no photo yet), a vanilla sponge for a 100th birthday and a small 30th wedding anniversary cake.  I was also a massive teacher’s pet (I’ve never grown out of that) and I made his new reception teacher a tiny sponge cake.  The Christening cake with the little elephant on top and the wedding dress cake was made last week.

I have a few orders lined up for the next couple of months which I’m really looking forward to making.  Themes include Finding Nemo, My Little Pony and Minions!  I also need to decide what theme I want for my birthday cake… suggestions, please!

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