The 80s and early 90s was a good time to be growing up. Parties were simpler back then with just close family or maybe a couple of friends over for processed foods, pass-the-parcel and presents. We had parties at home and my mum would always make the birthday cake for my brother and me.  I’ve kind of followed this tradition with my son and this year he’s having a few friends over for pizza, pass-the-parcel and cake.

A couple of years ago I went through the box of photos my mum has and found some pictures of our cakes through the years.  I’ve tried to edit the photos to show the details and they’re great examples of the history of cake decorating!

My son has asked me for a Simpsons themed cake this year for his birthday (which might change before May!) but it goes to show that some things don’t go out of fashion.

If you browse the cooking section of charity shops, you may come across some retro cake decorating books – I love them!  There wasn’t anywhere near as much equipment for cake decorating back then as there is now and I think my mum did a fab job catering to our demands!

I think my favourite cake was the doll; I remember being devastated when I lost it, although I’m still convinced a girl on our street stole it (I’m still bitter).

So thank you mum, for all your hard work and inspiration! xxx


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