For the love of cake…

My early cakes had seriously lumpy icing and the cake was so dry they shared textural similarities with the cinnamon challenge.  This did not stop me forcing people to accept homemade cakes as presents.

Dry cake


I now use a better recipe for a moist *shudder* vanilla sponge and I believe I have improved my skills when it comes to the decoration too (trying so hard not to sound full of myself here!)  Enough so that I’m boldly entering into the competitive world of cake decorating (what was I thinking?!)

Pepa Pig
Sponge Bob
Call of Duty

In my mid-twenties, I moved from where I lived in South-West London, to Essex so I could live with my (then) boyfriend.  His daughter is now 13, but back then, she was a wee girl of just 4.  For her 5th birthday, I wanted to bake a cake and one of her favourite characters was Peppa Pig.  I had baked lots of cupcakes and Swiss Rolls when I was at school, but I’d consider this Peppa Pig cake the real beginning of my love for novelty/ children’s cakes.

Over the years, I baked cakes and cupcakes for my stepdaughter and her dad, and anyone else that came to visit or had birthdays I couldn’t think of what to get them for a present.  I produced some designs I’d love to re-make knowing what I know now about crumb-coating and using the equipment I have 😀

I apologise for the quality of the images, but camera phones weren’t what they are now in terms of image quality!

Moshi Monsters
Lego block

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